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Kampot Pepper

Salted Kampot Pepper 100g

Salted Kampot Pepper 100g

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La Plantation has created the ultimate experience for pepper lovers. Harvested by hand before maturity, the green peppercorns undergo a fermentation process that enhances all their flavour. The crispiness of the grain and intense explosion of fresh pepper imparts  unparalleled flavour. 

Kampot Pepper appellation is governed by a set of specifications and controlled by the KPPA (Kampot Pepper Promotion Association). The Plantation Fair Spice Producer is a member of the Board of Directors of the association and actively participates in the promotion of the Kampot Pepper appellation throughout the world, improving the quality of production and providing economic support to small family farms in the region.

Have experienced After Midnight, an exquisite blend of dark chocolate and Kampot Salted pepper? 

La Plantation Salted Kampot pepper is Fair Trade verified by the WFTO and has won prestigious epicurean awards in Europe. 

Steak photo credit to Kampot.CZ in Prague, a La Plantation Fair Spices partner.

 Available in 50g, 500g and 1kg 

100g SOLD OUT next delivery spring 2024

Gold Award winner by Monde Selection 2018



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