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Black Kampot Pepper 50g Tube

Black Kampot Pepper 50g Tube

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Kampot Pepper is one of two peppers in the world with a PGI (Protected Geographical Indication). Like fine wine, its flavour owes its paticularity to its terroir and and traditional harvesting methods. Nestled by the sea, the Kampot region benefits from an exceptional climate in terms of sunshine, sea breeze, soil and rainfall during the rainy season (monsoon). Kampot Pepper appellation is governed by a set of specifications and controlled by the KPPA (Kampot Pepper Promotion Association). The Plantation is a member of the Board of Directors of the association and actively participates in the promotion of the Kampot Pepper appellation throughout the world, improving the quality of production and providing economic support to small family farms in the region. The PGI Kampot Pepper was registered in 2010 in Cambodia and in 2016 in the European community.


*Also available in 100g & Bulk size

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