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La Plantation Canada

Forest Cardamom 50g

Forest Cardamom 50g

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La Plantation  Cardamom is a wild species of the tropical forests of Cardamom in Cambodia. The staff harvest the fully ripe fruit and dry them in a smokehouse. The seeds are then extracted from their husks and selected by hand.

When crunching a seed, subtle and intense aromas of mint, eucalyptus and camphor are released.

Beyond its benefits for digestion, Cardamom is widely used in cooking in soup, broth, on white meats, with rice or vegetables. It is an exceptional ingredient for bread and desserts (gingerbread, rice pudding, yoghurt-honey, jams) and accompanies traditional coffee in the Mediterranean basin.

Ready to use, you can simmer the whole seeds when cooking your dish, crush them with a pestle, or put them in a pepper mill.

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