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Mango seasoned with Red Kampot pepper 150g

Mango seasoned with Red Kampot pepper 150g

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Tree ripened mangoes are picked when they are full of juice and sweet. They are then peeled, sliced, soaked in syrup and dried at low temperatures to maintain their exceptional flavor and tender texture. To add a surprisingly spicy touch, we sprinkle the mango slices with freshly ground Red Kampot Pepper.

Red Kampot Pepper PGI is the emblematic product of the Kampot region. The seeds are also picked when fully ripe, giving the Red Kampot Pepper red fruit notes and a softer strength to the pepper.

Red Kampot Pepper Dried Mango Slices offer you a perfect combination of sweet mango and pepper in the form of a soft and ready to cook sweet or savory snack.

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