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Wild Cardamom Sauce 100ml

Wild Cardamom Sauce 100ml

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La Plantation Wild Cardamom Duo Sauce is prepared in Cambodia (Kampot), using freshly ground spices and banana to give this original sauce a beautiful natural consistency.

Wild Cardamom and Forest Cardamom are both native to the Cardamom Forest in Northwest Cambodia. Only one community is granted to collect this rare and wild spice, which is dried by smoking. Cardamom imparts fresh, minty and camphorace aromas reminiscent of coniferous trees.

Cardamom Duo Sauce is aromatic and bursting with flavour. It offers a perfect balance between the intense taste of cardamom, the sweetness of banana and the spiciness of Galangal and White Kampot Pepper.

La Plantation products proudly carry the WFTO label.

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